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Surrounded by sea, Simon Muscat was born on the island of Malta in 1955. On this spare land of limestone, and inspired by the lore and materials from the African, Arab and European shores it shares with these Mediterranean places, Simon began to re-imagining the world around him. These eclectic influences and his resourceful sensibility formed the foundation of his art. In the workshops of his father where wrought iron and boats were crafted, Simon was first encouraged to create.

His professional arts career began when he landed on the shores of Canada at the age of 18 during the storied Trudeau years. Dazzled by the opportunity to express himself, through his twenties he explored all mediums, attending various arts and craft schools, Sheridan College School of Craft and Design, George Brown College for Jewellery, The Ontario College of Art in the Experimental Arts Department, to return in his late 20's to the art of making jewellery. For several years he produced prodigious works in hollow cast silver.

By his late thirties the quest to incorporate color into his work led him into collaboration with one of North America's foremost gem carvers a Thomas McPhee. Today, mastery of this quintessential material, in combination with his command of sculpture and his sensual sensibility, brings a dominant and unique presence to his work that is both stunning and invincibly elegant in the making.

Says Simon "Jewellery brings with it a sense of occasion and is exciting to see it enhance if not transcend the moment. The clasp mechanisms are an integral part of my designs, I love the simple mechanics, a way of honouring how we are all connected. A piece is complete when it is worn, which is always a nice surprise to me, being the final stage of a process of creating something beautiful, where it then takes on a life of its own and becomes new to me."

In his mid fifties, while visiting friends on Saltspring island, British Colombia, taking hammer and chisel to stone, felt a surge of life through his body,where change was investable. Today carving stone is his source of passion, inspiration and a learning. How to allow the universe to partake of ones creation.